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More Details About Heartbleed

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If you haven’t yet patched your OpenSSL and regenerated your certs, stop reading and go fix it; it’s OK, I’ll still be here when you get back.

All set? OK. I found an interesting analysis of the bug over at this guy Sean Cassidy’s blog. In brief: I have been happy for many years that other people like to write C, because it means both that I get to benefit from their work (basically my entire livelihood is based on the C ecosystem) and also that I generally don’t have to write it myself. :)

"XKCD 1353 - Heartbleed"

In other news, I think I accumulated my first piece of technical debt at the new job today. I spent a while fighting with signed apt packages; by the time I headed home I had managed to unbreak the repository, but I still have one Java package with an invalid signature, so tomorrow I’ll go another few rounds.