On the way home today I encountered one of our housemates, also homeward bound, and as we came in the front door I was chattering happily about my second day at work. I have tasks! Tasks that I can perform! This is really exciting.

I was, however, interrupted mid-sentence by a crash from the hallway, where Elijah (one of our cats) had knocked a box of tissues from the shelf to the floor. He was standing by it staring at me, and I got the distinct sense that this was a warning shot across my bows, indicating that I should shut up about trivialities and focus on the much more important topic of his dinner.

you had one job

Vim, Pathogen, and dirty submodules

Earlier today I had been adding Vim plugins to my dotfiles repository, pulling them in as Git submodules for use with Pathogen. I installed a couple of plugins and then generated the Vim help tags for them, which led to a minor unsightliness when the generated tags file showed up as untracked changes in my dotfiles directory.

Tim Pope suggests working around this problem by setting a global excludes file, but I am vaguely concerned that this will just create a landmine that I will step on at some future time when I want to be capturing some entirely unrelated file called tags. Instead I discovered that this fellow has the exact same problem, and his solution works great for me. Thanks, Nils!